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Get Your Message Heard by the Right Person at the Right Time.

Having a comprehensive email marketing strategy is about more than sending a single email. Various types of email marketing campaigns ensure your email marketing plan never misses a chance to send the right message to the right people.


of B2B marketers use email to distribute their content.
(Content Marketing Institute, 2017)


of B2B marketers say email newsletters are most critical to their content marketing success.
(Content Marketing Institute, 2017).


of consumers prefer to be contacted by brands through email.
(Statista, 2019).

Pick an Email, Any Email!

Every prospect is unique, so an ironclad email marketing plan should offer something for everyone. When you work with us, we’ll build and launch a strategy that converts leads into opportunities by utilizing multiple types of email marketing services, such as:

  • Newsletters
  • Promotional Emails
  • Drip Campaigns (including if/then branching methodology)
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Event Invitations
  • Survey Emails
  • Webinar Promotion
  • Auto-Response Email Workflows
  • Blog Subscription Emails

Making friends, one email
marketing campaign at a time.

Like any other piece of your marketing strategy, your email marketing services need to be airtight, consistent, and curated to the needs of your target audiences. Here’s how we can help:

  • Create carefully targeted email campaigns
  • Personalize your emails and sales scripts for your buyer personas
  • Strategically segment your contacts list
  • Adhere to CAN-SPAM regulations
  • Optimize your emails for mobile
  • Craft killer subject lines
  • Move leads to close through nurturing

Curious if your sales funnel could close faster?

An email marketing strategy can effectively target everyone in your sales funnel, regardless of whether they’re in the “awareness,” “evaluation,” or “purchase” stage of the buyer’s journey. Examples include:


Top of the Funnel

The top of the email marketing funnel is about building a relationship. This isn’t the time to mention specific products or services, but rather, to focus on creating trust between you and your target audience. Emails include nurturing content like welcome messages, newsletters, and links to relevant blog material.


Middle of the Funnel

When a prospect enters this stage, they’ve identified their problem and are seeking a solution. Emails at this stage involve product specifications, case studies, how-to ebooks, and “book a meeting” links.


Bottom of the Funnel

Leads in this stage of the email marketing funnel are ready to make a purchase. Email content is all about closing the sale. Send them customer testimonials, how-to videos, brand-specific ebooks, case studies, and coupons that encourage a purchase.

Going Above and Beyond the Inbox

Email marketing is one of the most versatile marketing tools at your disposal. It can be used to nurture leads, delight customers, and equip each stage of the email marketing funnel with on-target, relevant content.

When given the right attention and investment, your email marketing services will help you:

  • Define your brand’s unique identity
  • Establish industry credibility
  • Nurture customer relationships
  • Generate website traffic
  • Convert inbound leads
  • Close more deals

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