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Get More Value From Your Marketing

Points Keep Your Strategy Flexible

To maintain an effective marketing strategy, your priorities may need to shift from month to month. Our point-based pricing system allows us to be as flexible as possible and give your company the best possible ROI. Point costs are based on the value that each marketing task brings to your company. If needed, you can transfer points from one task to another at the beginning of a new month.

What is your hourly rate?

Market Veep has no hourly rate. Instead of paying us by the hour, you pay for a monthly point allotment. Points are based on the value and the complexity of tasks rather than hours it takes to complete them.

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Isn’t this the same as paying by project?

Using points is similar to paying by project and service but with more flexibility. Instead of having to renegotiate services in a contract, you can simply reallocate the points you’ve purchased. If you want to add additional services, all you have to do is purchase more points. For example, if you host an event once per year, you can purchase additional points in the month leading up to it to promote it.

How do you calculate the point values of your services?

Each marketing task brings a certain level of value to your company, but some are more valuable to you than others. Tasks that contribute directly to your company’s health have a higher point value than others. For example, an eBook has a relatively high point value. There are several sub-tasks and deliverables that need to be checked off in order to implement an eBook properly, including copywriting, design work, landing page creation, and digital promotion.

Once implemented, that eBook brings your company a substantial amount of value. It belongs to you. You can use it for marketing efforts well into the future. It can be shared online, used as print collateral, and hosted on your website. As a piece of gated material, each download gives you another contact and another potential customer. By contrast, a task like sharing an industry article on your social media accounts has a relatively low point value.

What if I want to change my marketing plan?

If you want to switch to a new service, you can reallocate points from another project or service. You can also purchase additional points to add to your pool. If one of your projects isn’t giving you the results that you’d like, you can suspend it at the end of the month and use those points for another project.


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