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HubSpot Sales Set Up

HubSpot Sales Hub Onboarding & Training

Reduce Time to Start With Guided Onboarding


Set up your shiny new sales CRM


Gain insights into your pipeline and buyer’s journey


Launch and train your team on HubSpot’s sales tools


Enhance sales productivity with custom dashboards


Align your sales and marketing efforts in a single platform

common problems we hear:

  • “We’re not sure which channels drives the most leads or revenue. We need better reports and
  • ”Our sales team needs updated tools like email tracking and templates. We want to use HubSpot
    for this but we don’t know where to start.”
  • “Our contact lists live in spreadsheets and email servers. We need a centralized CRM where all of
    our prospect and customer data lives in one place.”
  • “There are inconsistencies in the ways my sales reps work leads. I need a scalable process that
    gives me insights into their productivity and efficiency.”
  • “We use HubSpot for marketing but our sales team uses a different tool for selling. Can HubSpot
    replace that tool and is it easy for our sales reps to learn? We don’t want to miss out on sales
    during a transition.”

A Clean HubSpot CRM

Contacts Import

Your HubSpot Sales CRM provides an integrated database to store and manage your contacts. Whether your contacts are currently stored in a sales tool like Salesforce, an email platform like MailChimp/ Constant Contacts, or a combination of spreadsheets and email contact lists, we’ll make sure your leads and customers are successfully imported into your HubSpot CRM.

Custom Properties

Make sure all of your current contact data is migrated into your HubSpot CRM. We’ll create custom properties for any pieces of data that are specific to your company’s needs.

Property Mapping

If you are integrating HubSpot with a platform like Salesforce, we’ll make sure the two softwares communicate effectively by mapping properties to their counterpart in the other platform.

Contact Record Customization

Customize the properties that appear on your contact records so your reps can stop wasting time looking for information and immediately dive into selling.

Contact Management Automation

Cut down on tedious logging and manual data entry so your reps can focus their time on selling. HubSpot’s CRM automatically enriches your contact records with data from over 20 million businesses. Plus, set up automated workflows to assign and update contact properties automatically based on rep actions.

HubSpot Sales CRM Training

A clean, well-maintained sales CRM is essential to your team’s success. We offer training services to help your sales team get used to the HubSpot platform so they are set up to succeed with this new tool.

User set up including email integration, notifications, and chat profile

Documents for playbooks

Screen share walkthroughs in your actual HubSpot portal

Customized agendas for your specific processes

How to best use the tool for each individual rep

Sales dashboard and productivity overview

Working Leads With HubSpot Sales Tools

Lead Rotation

Automate the process of lead assignment so no lead goes untouched and no sales rep runs out of leads to work. Leads can be assigned based on territories, lead source, industry, or persona to connect your leads with the right rep right away.

Lead Notifications

Receive real-time updates on prospect activities and engagement to make sure you’re there at the exact moment they’re ready for you. Monitor website visits, blog views, content downloads, email opens, email clicks, workflow completion, and form submissions with email, browser, desktop, and mobile notifications.


Integrate your reps’ email calendars with the HubSpot Meetings tool to allow leads to book time directly on their calendars. No more emails back and forth trying to find a good time. Empower your leads to choose the meeting day and time that works best for them.

Email Integration & Tracking

Connect your reps’ email accounts to HubSpot to automatically log emails onto contact records within your CRM. No email forwarding, copy and paste, or email folders needed. Plus, track all email opens, clicks, and responses right within their contact record.

Call Integration & Tracking

Set up call tracking to maintain a record of phone interactions within each contact’s record. Use productivity reports to monitor call volume and outcomes for individual reps and across your entire sales team.

Sales Automation Tools

Free up time in your day by automating task assignments, task reminders, contact management, deal management, and follow up sequences. Use snippets and templates to easily replicate your most frequent responses and emails without manually typing redundant information over and over again.


Upload product information, spec sheets, sales PDFs, pricing sheets, data sheets, FAQ sheets, checklists, white papers, and other sales collateral for your entire team to use across their engagements with leads and customers.

Insights Into Your Pipeline

Deal Pipelines

Customizable pipelines provide a framework for visualizing and updating leads within your sales funnel. Build one overarching pipeline or develop different pipelines based on buyer persona, vertical, or internal team.

Deal Stages

Create deal stages that are tailored to your business model and sales processes. Easily move leads through deal stages as they hit specified triggers in automated workflows, or manually update deal stages right within the contact’s record.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Identify kinks in your pipeline where leads are frequently lost or stalled with detailed reports. Customize your sales dashboards to monitor quotas, productivity, and other metrics at a glance.

HubSpot Tracking & Technical Set Up

We will install the HubSpot tracking code so you can monitor and record user behavior across your sales and marketing efforts. We can also assist with integrations, asset migration, and troubleshooting any development issues that may arise during onboarding.

Enhanced Sales Productivity


Dynamic sales playbooks set your team up for success by defining roles, tactics, and objectives to be used across all of your efforts for a unified sales strategy.

Lead Scoring

When your pipeline is full, how do your reps know where to start? Lead scoring automatically assigns values to your leads so your reps can start selling to the hottest, most promising leads first.

Lead Segmentation

Divide your leads into segmented lists to make sure your sales team always has a full, fresh list of contacts to work. Eliminate confusion over lead ownership and tailor your sales approach based on lead qualities.

Task Assignment

HubSpot task assignment ensures that even the most mundane tasks don’t get forgotten or lost in the shuffle. Task assignment and reminders can be automated to save your time and effort for actual sales activities.

Performance Reports

Monitor individual rep performance and overall team performance with customized dashboards and reports. Identify training opportunities for individuals to grow their skills and recognize best practices that can be standardized across your entire team.

Sales and Marketing Alignment in HubSpot

Your marketing and sales teams need to collaborate in order to achieve their shared goals around leads, deals, and revenue. We’ll help you get set up with live chat for sales, chat bots, sales collateral, sales content, and landing pages for demos, content offers, meetings, or individual sales reps.

Sales Hub Set Up & Implementation


  • Connect sales members
  • Set up the meetings tool
  • Teams
  • Hierarchical teams
  • Single sign-on
  • User roles


  • Connect email integration
  • Team email
  • Email scheduling
  • Email tracking & notifications
  • Email templates
  • Email sequences
  • Sequence queues
  • Workflow extensions
  • eSignature
  • Smart send times
  • Quote-based workflows


  • Required fields


  • Conversations inbox
  • Canned snippets
  • Conversation routing


  • Calling
  • Call transcription
  • Documents
  • Meeting scheduling
  • 1:1 video creation
  • Playbooks


  • Import contacts & companies
  • Create custom properties
  • Set up contact record views
  • CRM pipeline set up
  • Standard contact scoring
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Calculated properties
  • Record customization


  • Import deals & products
  • Deal pipeline
  • Deal stages
  • Tasks
  • Lead rotation automation
  • Quotes
  • Products


  • Messenger integration
  • Salesforce integration
  • Stripe integration
  • Slack integration
  • Events API


  • Reporting dashboards
  • Create custom sales dashboard(s)
  • Set up deals leaderboards
  • Custom reporting
  • Filtered analytics view
  • Adaptive testing
  • Multi-touch revenue attribution
  • Rep productivity performance
  • Recurring revenue tracking

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