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How It Works

Helping You Reach Your Goals

The Advanced Guide To Sales & Marketing Alignment

Measuring success together & sharing documents,
calendars, and tools

How It Works

When you partner with Market Veep, you get instant access to a full marketing department. We are designers, writers, web developers, strategists, social media gurus, and creatives at heart. We measure all of our efforts with metrics and give you access to our project management tools so you’re always seeing results.

Implementation Team

A designer, copywriter, web developer, and marketing associate to put your plan into action.

Inbound Marketing Consultant

A point of contact for your entire Market Veep team.

Status Calls

Regular calls with your consultant to update you on your marketing progress.

Fractional CMO

A creative strategist to help you develop your marketing plan and drive its implementation.

Monthly Marketing Game Plan

A monthly roster of your upcoming marketing activities and their timelines.

Marketing Analytics

Unlimited access to essential marketing metrics, like conversion rates and lead counts.

Analytics and Plan Review

A monthly session to review your plan, make adjustments, and add projects.

Project Management Access

Access to our task management space so you can communicate with the team, review documents, and monitor your projects.

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